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Food Illustration "Good Morning Weekend"

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American Illustration 34
I am so very honored and humbled to announce that "Good Morning Weekend", my illustration submitted to the American Illustration 34 Call For Entries, has been CHOSEN to appear online as part of The AI-AP ARCHIVE, the juried website collection at


© All images copyright Letha Carrico Wood Culinary Illustrations 2011-2019.

Letha Carrico Wood

Artist, Illustrator, Educator

In addition to my work as a Culinary Illustrator and Fine Artist, I serve as a Professor of Foundation Studies at my alma mater, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where I teach Color Theory and Drawing.

"Sell the sizzle, not the steak" is a maxim for effectively promoting the benefits of ANY product or service in order to drive sales. An illustrator is a problem solver - and using culinary images to tell a story is the way this illustrator solves Editorial, Advertising, Package, and Cookbook Illustration problems. Illustrations showcasing the aesthetic charm of skillfully styled cuisine are a natural means of achieving the sizzle.

My love for all things culinary and my Fine Art background have come together naturally, producing illustrations which are suitable for the Advertising, Editorial, Cookbook, Package Design, Surface Design, Fine Art, and Conceptual Art markets.

"One does not become an artist; one is born an artist. To try to overcome one's birthright is agony - to embrace it is bliss"
Letha Carrico Wood